Lines and spaces


Treble Clef

When using a treble clef, the notes on the lines are as follows:

Notes in the spaces are:

It makes it easier to devise a short phrase to remember the notes on the lines such as

“Every good boy deserves fruit”

The spaces are easy to remember because the notes spell the word FACE.


Bass Clef

For bass clef, all of the positions for treble clef are shifted down one line or space. So the lines are:

And the spaces are:

With bass clef, a common phrase to remember the notes on the lines is:

“Good boys deserve fruit always”

For the spaces:

“All cows eat grass”


Stem direction

It is important to use the correct stem direction for notes on the staff.

Notes above the middle line use a stem that goes down on the left side.


Notes below the middle line use a stem that goes up on the right side.

Notes on the middle line can go either way.


The Staff – Lines and Spaces
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